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Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Farmers' Markets: Copley Square

Bordered by our city's tallest building, a 19th century church and the oldest municipal library in the nation, the Copley Square Farmers' Market is surrounded by beauty and history. Working around the corner affords me the luxury of shopping in this beautiful setting whenever the mood strikes.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, the lawn in front of Trinity Church is lined with 15 or so tents, with offerings from farms across the state. Siena Farms wows with their presentation of overturned baskets displaying bunches of carrots and ears of corn. Stillmans not only brings produce but a freezer full of their organic chickens, lamb, beef and pork products. If you happen to stop by and they have ground lamb, snatch it up! It's a commodity. I like to pick up a bouquet or two of flowers from Old Friends Farm to brighten up my apartment. The sunflowers and purple basil stalks are lovely right now. In addition to produce, there's a goat cheese purveyor, the Herb Lyceum, Iggy's Bread and the Danish Pastry House. I bought a variety pack of cider donuts from Hamilton Orchards today, and their soft cakey sweetness is the perfect precursor to autumn.

10 years of Boston residency and the beauty of Copley Square is still awesome to me (in the original definition of the word). Shopping for gorgeous food in that setting reminds me to be grateful for life's simple pleasures.

The Copley Square Farmers' Market is every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 6pm, May to November.

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