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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boston Food Swap: September Recap


Sunday was our fourth food swap and I'm still amazed at the variety of items our swappers bring! As you can see from this swapper's haul basket, we had a couple firsts like duck eggs, homemade lemon dill butter, fresh mozzarella and soup. That crunchy confection you see on top is a tasty Uzbek fried dough called chak chak, courtesy of Stas from Space with a Soul.


Another first for us was a special delivery from Dasagaffel Brew Club: a tasting of their newest IPA! They thoughtfully provided us with some refreshments while we swapped. Thanks, Dasagaffel!


Although we swap every month, there's always someone who is swapping for the first time. Look at the presentation: you'd never know this was from a pair of our swap virgins! They are natural-born swappers.


We had a great time in September! Until next time, swappers, register for the October Food Swap, or view more photos from September.

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