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Friday, September 30, 2011

Boston Fashion Week 2011 Sip & Swap Recap

Last night, Lyn, Tara, and I braved the rain to attend the Boston Fashion Week 2011 Sip & Swap hosted by the super-stylish ladies at Swapaholics. Despite getting soaked on our way to Microsoft's NERD Center (not a good look for those of us with curly or wavy hair, by the way), we felt the swap spirit immediately cheer us up as we sipped Magner's Cider and talked through our swap strategy. We agreed divide and conquer: Tara and I would hit the shoes, while Lyn looked at handbags.

Since it's a multi-level space, we camped out on the upper level to get a better view of the goods before lining up to swap. (Yup, these fashion bloggers are serious about swapping so we lined up a good 20 minutes early. You can see the mayhem that ensued at 8 sharp in this YouTube video.)

clothing racks at Swap.com Boston week swap
Tara spotted a pair of glittery Chucks that, alas, would not make it her swap bag. But once the swapping started, I managed to grab a pair of jeweled flats from H & M. Meanwhile, Lyn high-tailed it over to the handbags where she found two casual bags (one of which we later discovered was from Swapaholic Amy Chase) and later scored a brown J. Crew sweater she thought I'd like. (Thanks, Lyn!)

Although Tara didn't get her Chucks, she did take home several peasant skirts and a few other finds. Oh, and she got to test out this giant tablet-thingy (I won't call it a giant iPad since we were at Microsoft):

It was a busy week for the Boston Food Swap, so we didn't stay for the runway show, but I'm sure it was fab. Those ladies looked like they know how to rock an outfit! For our next adventure, we're doing a demonstration on pickling at the Boston Local Food Festival this Saturday. Hey, maybe I'll wear my new sweater that Lyn found!

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