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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eating Real for the Rest of Us

We at the Boston Food Swap have been hinting about our Food Day participation for a few weeks now  We are eager to unveil the invitation to our event and we will as soon as we have enough of the details confirmed. 

While the BFS team works feverishly to make the evening of October 24th one thousand times more fun than your average Monday night, we wanted to prepare you for the event. Prepare? Like homework? Yes!  

Food Day is an effort by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to create awareness of the environmental, human, and health implications of our food system. They call it “Eating Real” which is shorthand for making food choices that are the most sustainable for you, your neighbors, and your international economy. The challenge with Eating Real is that making sustainable food decisions can be complicated for everyday people like us! If you aren’t on the cutting edge of food policy, figuring out what makes a good food decision and replacing an eating habit that you likely picked up before your first day of Kindergarten is tough! The Food Day Community Sourced Potluck (CSP) is designed to show regular Bostonians making sustainable food decisions and to demonstrate to our neighbors that Eating Real can be both fun and easy.
We encourage people to tell their CSP stories either via their own blog or on our Tumblr microsite.  That might mean that you document how you found your ingredients (e.g. from a local small scale farm or from a grocery store that has strict environmental standards for their suppliers), made something that is so good and nutritious that kids might even prefer it to junk food, or that you made something from your garden and then donated the extras to a food rescue.  Whether you write, take still photos, take videos, record audio, or even just link, we want to hear about how you are eating real.  The Food Day principles are as follows:

Food Day

If you need any additional guidance about how you can apply Food Day principles to every day cooking and eating or if you need inspiration for your CSP story, we will be posting a series of blog posts from or about guest experts – one for each principle.  Follow our posts via RSS or keep on top of the blog via Facebook or Twitter to read the posts as they are released and to learn about how you can make Eating Real a part of your life!

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