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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sampling Sweets at Boston Pastry Rendezvous

Last night, Lyn, Tara, and I had the pleasure of attending Boston After Six and Whickit's Pastry Rendezvous. As one of our partners, they'd graciously offered tickets to us and the three winners of our Community Sourced Potluck, so we ran into Elizabeth (winner of best story) while we were there.

Over a dozen local bakeries and pastry chefs showed off their sweet treats, many of which contained natural ingredients. For instance, we tried TRU Chocolate, which is organic dark chocolate made with the natural sweetener Xylitol. (Yes, I get that labels like natural or organic don't guarantee that a product is super-healthy. But I'm guessing it an improvement over the heavily processed chocolate I grew up eating at Halloween and Christmastime. Everything in moderation, including moderation, as they say.)

We also tasted samples of BudiBars (made from almonds, hemp seeds, and other superfoods by a local company) and some of Polar seltzer's new seasonal flavors like candy cane, eggnog, and pumpkin spice. I'm still partial to the cranberry flavor, though. We try to not to over do it on the sweets (remember Tara's October unprocessed challenge?), so after making the rounds, we nearly fell into a sugar coma and stepped outside to avoid the temptation of another lap. Much as I love indulging my sweet tooth, I still need to fit into my wedding dress next year ...

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  1. Thank you for coming! Glad to hear you had a good time! I enjoyed talking with all of you (Susan, Lyn, and Tara). We'll meet again soon! :)