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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Cookie Swap Primer

The Cookie Swap for a Cause is THIS Sunday!  We couldn’t be more excited for the creations of the #swaplove community, sampling of Polar holiday seltzer flavors, and the afternoon full of activities.  

We have been hearing a lot of buzz among attendees (not an attendee yet? RSVP NOW because there only a few tickets left!) - and a few questions.  To help you get the most of your #cookieswap experience, we’re providing some tips in question/answer format.

Q: How many cookies should I make?
A: We suggest 4-6 dozen but Mo’ Cookies = Mo’ Money so, when in doubt, BAKE!

Q: Are there any restrictions about what type of bite-sized holiday treat I make?
A: Anything in the general cookie family will work.  Fudge, bark, caramel, and candy (for example) are all totally acceptable contributions.

Q: What types of recipes can I use?
A: You can use any recipe you’d like but we will be sharing recipes on MyReci.com after the swap so we ask that you credit the source of your recipe on your card.  However, we HIGHLY encourage the use of original recipes.  We can’t tell you why beforehand but if you have a stellar original cookie recipe now is the time to show it off!

Q: Speaking of recipe cards, what are they and why do I need one?
A: Recipe cards can be found in PDF and DOC format at the links.  Because we will be sharing them at MyReci.com (the Cookie Swap for a Cause page will be live after the event), we need to be sure that all of the recipes are in a standard format and legible.  We ask that, unless you have meticulous handwriting, you type your recipes on cards and bring them with you.  That way, we can extend the fun with post-event recipe #swaplove while minimizing paper.

Q: How should I display my cookies? (thanks for the question Mindy!)
A: The recipe card is all you need to tell everyone what you made.  If you have cooler labels you want to use, feel free.  The team will provide some trays and risers but you can display your cookies creatively.  We are expecting about 130 bakers with at least 50 cookies apiece so we ask that your creative displays are mindful of space.  Think yoga mat rather than beach blanket!

Q: What do I do when I get there?
A: A very jolly, red-donned, guy will greet you at the front door of Space With a Soul.  He’ll show you to the elevator.  On the 7th Floor, you’ll register, get your Glad To Give Gladware, lay out your cookies, taste great holiday beverages, and have a ton of fun with your fellow swappers!  During the actual swap, you will fill your 80 oz (!!!) Gladware with cookies to take home.

Q: A TON of fun? How will this #cookieswap be any more fun than normal #cookieswaps?
A: First, this one is BIG!  We have a limit of 150 people and, when this post went live, there were 9 tickets left.  That’s a lot of great cookies.  Second, we’ll have a craft table where we will make ornaments for the Dana Farber pediatric ward tree!  Third, we’ll have a photo booth complete with cookie-loving luminaries! 

Q: I can’t make it to the most EPIC cookie swap ever!  How can I contribute to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer even if I won’t be there?
A: You can make a direct donation online, even specifying Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund in Boston! 

Q: Will I be able to park at Space With a Soul?
A: Meter parking on Sunday is free in Boston.  There are a lot of meters in the general area (many on the bridge on the next block away from downtown, some on Melcher St in the back of the building) and a few lots in the area.  The building is also just over the bridge from South Station so we highly encourage the use of public transportation.

It’s time to gear up for one very jolly afternoon and start sharing your baking experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #cookieswap and on Facebook, tagging the Boston Food Swap and the Swapaholics.  Can we get to 10,000 cookies and $1000 dollars with 150 people?  Mo’ Cookies = Mo’ Money (hint, hint).  Happy baking and we’ll see you on Sunday!


  1. How do we "lay out" our cookies? Should we bring platters, decorations, signs?

  2. Talented post, cookies are such an appealing food that draws so much attention. Glad you were able to capture it well.

    - "Hostess" for The MenView