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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Swapping – Coming to an Area Near You!

We started the Boston Food Swap after we read about the Brooklyn Food Swap in the New York Times in March.  We are the ultimate example of how the work of dedicated food swappers virally inspires Food Swap culture to spread across the country. 
Considering how we began, we are proud to announce the launch of a national Food Swap Network designed to help avid home cooks across the country benefit from the food swapping resources forged since the concept emerged.  Developed by the swappers in Brooklyn, LA, Minneapolis, and Portland (OR), the website allows people looking to share the work of home cooking to find local swaps or learn how to start one. 
We hope to see the food swapping movement spread more quickly now that the tools of the trade are all in one convenient place!  If you found our webpage but don’t have the pleasure of living in the Boston area, you can locate swappers in your area via the Network.  Also, if you are a Bostonian but would like to find swaps in other areas as you travel or for friends, the Network is for you!
We will keep the Food Swap Network URL on our “Resources” page for the future.

Happy Swapping America (and Canada, the UK, and beyond)!

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