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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lots of Jam? Drink it!

Sparkling Jam Cocktail via Eat Boutique
Many things change from swap to swap, but one is constant. There's always at least one person touting some delicious jam, jelly, or preserve. I can't resist these creations, and my fridge is evidence. I have at least 5 mason jars of opened jam in there right now. At this rate, there's not enough toast in the world for me to use it all up in a reasonable timeframe. Thankfully, I can drink it!

Cocktails get made with all kinds of fruits and sweeteners, so why not jam? You'd put juice, simple syrup, or fruit puree in a drink without thinking about it. Jam is just a combination of those things.

One jam cocktail that's getting a lot of action is from Madam Geneva in New York. In this summery version, the Bleeker Street gin bar mixes blueberry jam with gin to create a refreshing cooler. Check out Nerve for the recipe and an interview with the bar manager.

Closer to home, Maggie from Eat Boutique created a simple sparkler with jam and champagne, perfect for a celebration!

I'm already thinking of new combinations... how about lime marmalade and tequila? Habanero jelly in a Bloody Mary? Or even just a bit of Concord grape jam stirred into some soda water. The possibilities are endless!

Have you ever had a jam cocktail?

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