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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swapping is for Lovers: February Food Swap Recap

Hello, swappers! Happy Valentine's Day to you. If you joined us for our latest food swap on Sunday, you may have noticed love was in the air. It sure was in these cupcakes-in-a-jar.

We returned to the Space with a Soul kitchen for an intimate swap celebrating l'amour. Pretty packaging and delectable goodies were sampled and swapped with gusto. 

I'm going to start referring to Sarah as our Jam-Master, as every swap, she brings a new creative concoction in a jar. This month's swappers got to bid on creamsicle jam (above) and apple/honey/Meyer lemon saucy jam. Sarah, we think you're saucy (that's totally a compliment in our book)!

There was also two kinds of chocolate dipped potato chips, white chocolate popcorn, V-day themed rice cereal treats, ricotta, mozzarella, homemade bagels, multiple breads, cardamom donuts, blood orange curd, Italian bean salad, layered tabouleh, kombucha scoby, and more! I know I say this every month, but you all are so talented!

Joining us for the first time was Emily of Random Recycling. She brought this delicious granola and shared her inaugural food swap experience on her blog. Thanks, Emily!

In addition to the tasty eats, we also had amorous feelings toward Foodies of New England, because their wonderful piece on us featuring snapshots from November's swap showed up in a big box! If you can't find the print version, here's the digital issue (we're on page 90)

Thanks for everyone who swapped with us in February! Want to see more? Check out all of the photos on our Facebook page. Like to plan ahead? You can sign up for March's food swap, and our first ever cocktail party/sustainable food panel with Boston Green Drinks

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I had a blast at my first event. My kids loved the cupcakes in a jar for Valentine's Day.