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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Recap: Green Your Eats

On March 11th, we teamed up with Boston Green Drinks for our first non-swap sustainable food event.  Some of our favorite food swappers gathered with the folks at BGD at Rafiki Bistro in Cambridge for sustainable snacks and education.

The afternoon's panel discussions started with Dawn Laidley from Northeast Family Farms.  She explained how her organization was designed to create a sustainable distribution system for small, local, and sustainable farms producing meats and other farm-fresh foods.

Next up was Dave Madan from the Move. He talked about farm-volunteer work programs designed to connect city slickers to their nearest farmers.  We were bummed to find out that we had missed their farm share fair on March 8th, but now we know to check their event calendar moving forward for other great events!

Finally, Jack Kutner, co-owner of Rafiki Bistro and Clear Conscience Cafe talked to us about some ways to identify sustainable practices in restaurants and coffee shops.  He even shared with us cups of a new blend by Jim's Organic Coffee (inspiration alert - coffee based swap items are bound to be a hit)!

After the speaking portion, attendees asked questions of the panel, snacked on Northeast Family Farms sliders, vegan mushroom bruschetta, and sipped cocktails made with organic liquor.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the event.  We hope that the afternoon inspired you to find new source ingredients for your swap items and seek out the most sustainable businesses to support even when you aren't swapping.  For more info on sustainable restaurants, check out the Boston Green Drinks Green Your Eats - inspired blog post.  For all of the event photos, check out our Facebook Page.

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