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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swappable Spotlight - Olive Oil Crackers

It's here.  That dreadful week when there hasn't been a swap for a few weeks and your supply of home cooked food is running low and the next swap is still a few days away.  As you start plotting your recipes for Sunday's Swap and Mozzarella Potluck Party, let's take a trip down memory lane to March's Swap when Sarah (@Liftsarah) those insanely delicious Olive Oil Crackers.  Remember when we collectively pledged to never eat another store bought cracker again?  Keep that promise by making her recipe!

Olive Oil Crackers 

(adapted from 101cookbooks.com)

  • 1 ½ c. semolina flour
  • 1 ½ c. all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil 
  • Extra sea salt to top 
  • Red pepper flakes  
  • You could top the crackers with grated cheese, seeds, herbs, spices, or just leave them plain.
  1. Whisk together the flours and salt. 
  2. Add the water and olive oil. 
  3. Using a mixer with a dough hook attachment mix the dough at medium speed for about 5 - 7 minutes. Alternately, feel free to mix and then knead by hand on a floured counter-top. The dough should be just a bit tacky - not too dry, not too sticky to work with. If you need to add a bit more water (or flour) do so.
  4. When you are done mixing, shape the dough into a large ball. 
  5. Cut the ball into twelve equal-sized pieces  if using  a pasta roller
  6. Gently rub each piece with a bit of olive oil, shape into a ball and place on a plate. 
  7. Cover with a clean dishtowel or plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for 30 - 60 minutes.
  8. While the dough is resting, preheat your oven to 450F degrees. Insert a pizza stone if you have one.
  9. When the dough is done resting, flatten one dough ball. 
  10. Using a rolling pin or a pasta machine, shape into a flat strip of dough.
  11. Pull the dough out a bit thinner by hand.
  12. Set dough on a floured , or cornmeal dusted, or parchment lined baking sheet 
  13. Poke each cracker with the tines of a fork to prevent puffing 
  14. Add any extra toppings to the crackers 
  15. Cut the crackers with a pizza cutter into shapes if desired.  
  16. Sprinkle crackers with additional sea salt and red pepper flakes.
  17. Slide into the oven onto the pizza stone, if using one, or just put the whole cookie sheet in the oven if not.
  18. Repeat the process for the remaining dough balls. 
  19. Bake 8-12 minutes until golden 
  20. Cool and enjoy!
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