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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals July: Package from Portland

After my first fabulous experience with Foodie Penpals, I was excited for July. My penpal was Ashley of From Ashley to Awesome. Ashley lives in Portland, OR, a city I have never been to but would LOVE to visit, so I was super excited to see what she'd send me from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I'm such a sweets junkie, the first thing I devoured was the Moonstruck chocolate bar. They were featured on Oprah's holiday O-List, and it's obvious why. I'm a fan of Bob's Red Mill, but have never tried their granola until yesterday morning, and the apple blueberry was lovely over some greek yogurt, and sweet enough that I didn't need to add honey. Also, I had no idea they were based outside of Portland! There's some tasty-looking pear-sweetened raspberry jam and a Near East quinoa I'm looking forward to trying. The Bogdon's chocolate covered peppermint sticks were delightfully minty, and Kroger Simple Truth energy bars are possibly the best I've ever tasted. Thanks, Ashley!

And here's a guest post from Judy, a photographer in Oklahoma City, who I sent to:

I was so excited to receive my latest food box in the Foodie Pen Pal program!  I received a box full of goodies from Tara Bellucci, who sent a nice assortment of foods I hadn't tried before.  This was great, as I am an adventurous eater and always looking to try new things, preferably healthy.

There was a jar of home-canned squash relish, which we had recently with hot dogs at our cookout.  My family was here and shared some of it and asked me for the recipe!  It was a crunchy, savory squash blend that was a delicious and unique condiment.  The red pepper jelly and spreadable fruit were served with a pork loin I prepared and complimented the meat perfectly. 

OK, the trail mix didn't last long at all, as I was starving when I got home from work and opened the box and there was a healthy, yet tasty snack just beckoning to me!  Yes, I sat down with a magazine and ate the whole bag in one sitting.  It was a yummy combo of fruits and nuts, not too sweet and very satisfying.

And lastly, there was a loose-leaf tea blend--Ambrosia Tea.  The name alone sounds wonderfully seductive . . . I had to try some out the evening I received it.  I have a little heart-shaped tea ball and a cup-at-a-time tea maker, so I was set.  With a little added honey, it WAS ambrosia in a cup!  A mix of apricot tea, rose hips, and cinnamon, with a few other delicacies thrown in, it's just perfect hot or iced.  With the 100+ degree days we've been having, I have been leaning more towards iced lately.

This was my second food box treat to receive and it was definitely a winner!  Thanks to Tara and her thoughtfulness!

Would you like your own box of tasty goodies from across the country? Check out Foodie Penpals!

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