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Monday, April 22, 2013

Recap: March Food Swap

It's been a crazy week here in Boston and our hearts go out to all those impacted by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon last Monday. Two of us left lunch at L'Espalier just minutes before the bombing so we count ourselves very fortunate to have survived.

That said, we are long overdue for a recap of the March food swap, so on a happier note ...

Sunday, March 21 was our first time hosting a swap at Collaboratory 4.0, a coworking space in the South End. The airy space and bright colors set just the right mood for a spring food swap.

Ginger seemed to be a running motif at this swap. I traded ginger pear butter made in my slowcooker, while another swapper brought ginger syrup and ginger candy. Yum!

Vegan cookies were another favorite at this swap. Gemma swapped three different varieties of vegan cookies, and Lipi made a vegan cookie sweetened with maple syrup. But it wasn't all sweets. Connor's harissa hummus added a savory twist to the afternoon, and Lauren's spiced candied nuts were a big hit.

Tara's blood orange marmalade was another highlight of the swap. I ate some on plain yogurt and my jar has already disappeared!

Did we whet your appetite? Join us in May for our next swap and stay tuned for a recap of our April swap (both coming soon ...)