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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Boston Globe, "Veggie-Induced Stress" Is Why We Swap!

Dear Boston Globe,

Your article in the Lifestyle section this morning,  "Farm-share programs, and angst, on the rise," is something we know all too well. At the Boston Food Swap, we believe it's important to support local farms, and we choose to by raising funds, shopping farmers markets, and joining CSAs (and not just veggie — Lyn and I even split a grain share).

Yes, CSAs are a commitment, and can sometimes be too much of a good thing if you're unprepared for the volume. But it doesn't have to be another thing to worry about. There are ways to keep your sanity and kitchen stocked.

As single people, we split shares amongst friends (Lyn and I just also signed up for Red Fire Farm's veggie and fruit shares), or use Boston Organics for a more manageable, delivered-to-your-door ease.

But the biggest way we reduce this veggie-induced stress you speak of is by holding our monthly food swaps. When it's July and you have more zucchini than you could eat in a lifetime, pickle it, grate it into patties, bake it into bread, or just plain bring it whole and raw, and swap it for something else. Like jam, or sourdough, or eggs, or cookies. Yes, your zucchini can get you cookies. We promise, someone will want it.

We want everyone to enjoy local produce, even if you sometimes get sick of it (spoiler: even we do). So come check out a swap. Our next one is on May 19. We hope to see you there!

The Boston Food Swap

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