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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recap: May Food Swap

We're always impressed by our swappers' culinary creativity, and the May food swap was no exception. On Sunday, May 19, we enjoyed treats including homemade boursin-style cheese (pictured directly below), salsa verde, vegan cookies, local eggs, cinnamon raisin granola, and, of course, a dizzying array of canned jams, jellies, and fruit butters. 

With summer starting up, we're excited to see how swappers incorporate fresh produce from local CSAs and farmers markets in the coming months. 

One local group has found a novel way to capitalize on the many fruit trees dotting local neighborhoods. At the May swap, we met one of the members of the League of Urban Canners, which was featured in this Boston Globe article last year. (She brought dozens of cans, a few of which are pictured above.) It's such a great idea and very much in keeping with our swap philosophy of pooling resources to reduce food waste.

We also loved Sarah's strawberry margarita jam (see above), which I've been gobbling mixed with plain Greek yogurt. Yum!

Check out more photos from the May swap on our Facebook page and be sure to RSVP for our June swap, which is a special swapiversary potluck! 

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