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Friday, August 9, 2013

Swappable Spotlight: Clothing Swap at Crompton Collective

Much as we love to swap food, we're equal opportunity when it comes to swapping other goods like clothes. After all, clothes swaps are a good excuse to clean out the closet and get some new (to us) stuff without charging up a storm. Just like food swaps let us reduce food waste and incorporate some new flavors into our pantry, clothing swaps reduce the need to produce new clothes and add some style to our closets.

It had been awhile since we attended the Fashion Week 2011 Sip & Swap event at the Microsoft NERD Center, so Lyn and I were psyched to head out to Worcester for a clothing swap at Crompton Collective. This super-cute antique and artisan mall just happens to be owned by Amy Lynn Chase, a Swapholic who partnered with us on our very first cookie swap in 2011! Lyn had already visited Crompton, but it was my first trip, and I was completely enchanted by the rows of handmade baby bibs, antique typewriters, and vintage Coke bottles.

The clothing swap itself didn't disappoint either. Amy and her crew had it well-organized with sections for jeans, shoes, dresses, and so on. I spotted a pair of brand-new leather boots in the original box, but alas, they were a half-size too big so I left them for someone else to enjoy. I also tried on a pair of white Lily Pulitzer Bermuda shorts, but they were just teensy bit too small. (I know, I sound like Goldilocks here.) I did go home with a like-new embroidered tunic from the LOFT and a pair of perfectly distressed jeans. We got one ticket for reach item we brought, plus extra tickets for visiting a few local stores, so I wound up giving Lyn one of my extra tickets. Then, on the drive home, we stopped at NU Cafe for a late lunch.

Tell us! Have you ever attended a clothing swap? What was your favorite find? 

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