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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recap: July Food Swap

The end of the summer just flew by us and now we're gearing up for our September food swap this weekend! But before we do usher in the fall with seasonal goodies, we wanted to share a quick recap of our July food swap, which we enjoyed on the sunny patio at Collaboratory 4.0 in the South End. What a nice way to spend a summer afternoon, right?

As usual, we enjoyed a delicious array of baked goods. This time, that included lavendar shortbread cookies, brownies, and chocolate coco-nutty cupcakes (I'm not sure how many cupcakes made it home as they were eagerly consumed on the spot!).

In addition to baked goods, we sampled savory treats like quinoa, tomato sauce, spice mixes (which I used to make croutons - yum!), veggie dip, and bean salad.

Check out more photos on our Facebook page. And be sure to RSVP for our next swap, which is scheduled for Sunday, September 22. 

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