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Monday, February 18, 2013

Recap: January Food Swap

This is shaping up to be a hectic year for this trio of food swappers, and we've been so busy traveling and planning future swaps that we're just now finding the time to recap our January swap. We're mixing things up in 2013, so the venue for our January swap was the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market.

We tabled at the winter market last year, so we knew it's a vibrant gathering place for Cambridge foodies, food producers, musicians, and others. The market also gave swappers something to do before or after the swap.

As always, the swap attracted a delicious array of homemade goodies of the sweet and savory variety. Here's a look at a few highlights:

I took home six of these charming mini cheesecakes. Score! To avoid over-indulging, I ate the fruit topping and froze the cheesecake portion of four of them so I can enjoy them later.

The Cutlip ladies have become swap regulars, and we always look forward to their artfully packaged creations. Pictured above: maple thyme vinaigrette and fig and herb pesto. They also brought spiced cashew butter and Concord grape jelly, which Lyn tells me made one of the most epic PBJs ever.

Gemma's sweet potato blondies were a huge hit. We need to get Gemma's recipe because these babies were addictively moist and sweet while also being vegan. Yes, please!

In addition the items pictured above, we also had lentil soup, mushroom barley soup, chocolate grand marnier truffles, bourbon apple butter, popcorn, pickle relish, chocolate pistachio bark, and rice muffins. View more swap photos on our Facebook page.

The February food swap was cancelled due to Storm Nemo, but we're hosting the March Food Swap on March 24 at the Collaboratory in the South End. Register now to join in all the food-swapping fun!