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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BFS Presses Cider!

Another Saturday, another adventure with your neighborhood food swappers!
This past weekend, we hung out in Granby Massachusetts to press apple cider and roll with our buddies at Red Fire Farm at their annual cider fest.
The day was cloudy and rainy and we arrived at the farm to their autumn-fabulous decor!

We reserved our apples ahead of time and got to pick out which we thought were most juicy!

The best part is finding the hilarious freak fruits that make us laugh all day!

We brought our own huge jugs.

We got to grind our apples in a goofy, automated grinding machine.


Once we ground the apples, they went in to the press.  This is the ultimate example of teamwork!

After our efforts, brown apple pulp was all that was left.

The final result was 3.5 gallon jugs of apple cider, which looked big until we saw them next to the GARGANTUAN pumpkins at the farm!

After picking raspberries in the PYO fields, our day ended with the farm's ploughman's lunch with local artisan products. Every piece was beyond delicious.

What do you do to enjoy the autumn season?  Have you gone cider pressing?  Tell us in the comments!

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