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About Us

By day, Lyn Huckabee works for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. By night, she’s an avid home cook who tested recipes for Boston UnCommon, the Junior League of Boston Cookbook, spoke on a panel at TechMunch Boston 2011, helps organize events for the Boston chapter of Green Drinks, and most recently she launched Rentwhich.com, a community for savvy renters.

Tara Bellucci grew up in her family’s Connecticut kitchen where she developed a passion for simple Italian home cooking. Tara spends her non-Food Swap time as a blogger and photographer for Apartment Therapy, a popular interior design blog, and creating marketing for luxury real estate in Boston.

Susan Johnston is a founder emeritus after her 2014 move to British Columbia!  She is a full-time freelance writer who covers food, beverages, and other lifestyle topics for publications including The Boston Globe, Citysearch, Cheers, and Pizza Today. She also teaches writing at Boston Center for Adult Education.

Not surprisingly, the three of us met and bonded through our love of food. We joined a cooking club in the summer of 2006, and while most of the club’s original members have moved on, the three of us continue exploring our love of food by hosting potluck dinners, swapping recipes (and extra veggies), and trying out new restaurants.

For years, Lyn scrambled to use up or give away a bushel of tomatoes or zucchini from her CSA farm share before it went bad. So, after spotting a New York Times article about a food swap in Brooklyn, we brought the concept to Boston in the summer of 2011. Armed with our love of homemade goodies and our social media networks, we immediately caught the eye of The Boston Globe’s food section, NPR’s Public Radio Kitchen, and foodies throughout the Boston area.

The goal of our monthly swaps is to create outlet for sharing surplus goods and offer an alternative to store-bought items, helping swappers eat locally, sustainably, and affordably. We’re active in the swapping and local food communities, and we’re working to grow the swap through blogging, social media, and partnerships with like-minded organizations. 

We'd love to hear from you.  E-mail us at bostonfoodswap@gmail.com.